The first step to getting your website found via submission to search engines.

True, some send "bots" and “spiders” to crawl over the web and eventually they will find your site and list it. Submit makes sure that the search engines that you need to be found on know you’re there right away, and revisit your site when your site changes. For some specialist sites this might be all the SEO you ever need. Features of Submit include:

· Submit to a select range of relevant search engines
· Choice of reports with reporting options
· Option to submit to paid search engines/directories
· Option to submit to engines that require human intervention e.g. Bing
· Intelligent rather than bulk submission
- Monitored, time based and on request
- Option to choose additional search engines
e.g. if there are some specific to market sector


This is the foundation stage upon which your website ranking effectiveness is based.

Your local Positively Online specialist will work with you to gain greater clarity about the purpose and objectives of your site. You will then be able to apply state-of-the-art analytical tools to highlight opportunities for improvement, and provide direct feedback about your competitive position.

You will see your website with fresh eyes and be able to make better decisions about how to get the results you always hoped for.


This element is about getting your website aligned with your targets...

plus getting the right key words working for you, matching and/or leap-frogging your key word competitors, and making your website the honey-pot it ought to be.

Using the valuable advice of your Positively Online specialist to inform you, you will decide how, when and by whom the chosen work will be completed – putting you in the driving seat and your organisation’s needs as the sole focus for the agreed actions.


Perform is because you can’t not communicate.

Some of the elements of the Complete SEO service are about being positive, and others about not being negative. Perform is about not creating negative impressions – you know what your reaction is when you visit a site and you click on a link that you’re interested in and it doesn’t work, or when a page loads but an image is missing?

Perform uses smart software tools to regularly check all of the relevant components of your website and notify you (and us) of any problems it finds – the situation can then be remedied before it has too big an impact on the visitors to the site.

Similarly, Perform includes the option of regular visitor management analysis, which should lead to the on-going refinement and enhancement of your site to support optimal visitor behaviour -and maximum results for you.


Search engines like sites that are “recommended” by other sites, especially high ranking ones...

Search engines like sites that are “recommended” by other sites, especially high ranking ones. The logic goes something like this…

Search Engine: “Hmm, how can I tell which sites are the most relevant to list when somebody searches through me? I know! If a well-respected and often visited site (i.e. popular) provides a link to another relevant site, that would strongly suggest that the owners of that site highly rate the content of the site they link to – otherwise it would affect their own reputation and reduce their popularity!”

Therefore, this service taps into a matrix of popular and relevant sites for your content and key words then invites those that qualify to visit your site and make a link. It includes the management of the campaigns to achieve this and the on-going expansion of your unique network of partners over time.


We work with you to establish your credentials as the go-to person/organisation in your field.

The logic behind this element of the Positively Online Complete SEO service is almost identical to “Partner”. Here we work with you to establish your credentials as the go-to person/organisation in your field.

This is achieved by helping you publish your message, on an on-going basis, through relevant blogs, social media sites, on-line article sites, etc. Each of these link back to your site, creating a buzz, and an awareness with people searching for what your site has to offer.

“Helping you” means as much or as little help as you want. We have teams of experienced writers who use the content of your website, and any other information you provide, to craft your messages for you which can either be published as is or approved by you. If you want to do the writing, our experts will manage the submission process for you -and all this is provided within the agreed monthly (or quarterly) fee.


Helping you comply with the ever-changing legislation relating to the world wide web

Last but not least, the service wouldn’t be truly Complete without helping you ensure you comply with the ever-changing legislation relating to the world wide web, and that often overlooked issue of correct spelling, grammar and good, effective English.

This element of the Positively Online Complete SEO service includes our comprehensive Web Wise Word certification scheme which quality stamps your compliant site so that all visitors know that you have taken the time and trouble to ensure that your website content says what it is supposed to, and doesn’t turn people off through typos, wrong words, repeated words/paragraphs, fragmented sentences, and logical non-sequiturs.

In short, without Comply all your good work in creating an outstanding website, climbing the rankings and attracting the right visitors could be wasted by turning them off rather than drawing them in.